How long do cockatiels live comprehensive guide

How long do cockatiels live comprehensive guide

Cockatiels are unusual and interesting parrots that frequently make for lasting friends. In areas where they are not regarded as an alien species, they may make wonderful apartment pets. But how long do cockatiels live, and what can you anticipate from getting one as a pet?. We’ll talk about the typical cockatiel’s lifespan in this post, both in the wild and in captivity. How long do cockatiels live comprehensive guide by

How Long Do Cockatiels Live?

Before learning about The Average Cockatiel Life Cycle let’s find out How long do cockatiels live first. Depending on whether they are wild or captive, cockatiels often live between 10 and 15 years. Given the threat of predators and other environmental considerations, many wild cockatiels won’t live to see adulthood. 

Cockatiels raised in captivity can enjoy lengthy and fulfilling lives, though. Some cockatiels kept as pets have lived well into their 20s. Sunshine, the oldest cockatiel ever documented, lived to be 32 years old. – how long do cockatiels live.

How Long Do Cockatiels Live
How Long Do Cockatiels Live

A cockatiel’s longevity is influenced by a variety of factors, including its nutrition, sociability, the quality of the air in your home, and more. Although cockatiels are extremely gregarious creatures, this does not imply that they get along with everyone. For instance, young toddlers are frequently not welcomed by cockatiels.

The ideal alternative for your family member may be to keep your pet cockatiel in a sizable enclosure with a buddy cockatiel. These birds adore having friends because it prevents boredom and fights sadness.

There are a lot of additional things you can do to keep your cockatiel content, but first, let’s look at how one of these birds lives. No matter what age your bird is when you adopt it, you will know how to care for it the best this way!. Hope the section will help you understand about how long do cockatiels live.

The Average Cockatiel Life Cycle

Are you just getting a Cockatiel? Or perhaps you’re just curious about how these chatty birds live. From infancy until old age, this is how their life unfolded.


Hatchling cockatiels are totally dependent on their parents because they are born without feathers and senses. A mother cockatiel can lay anywhere between three and eight eggs. She and the father cockatiel alternate keeping the eggs and young warm.

Most newborn cockatiels start to see and grow feathers by the end of their first week. Also, their ear flaps can start to open. By the end of their first month of life, they will be fully feathered and have access to all of their senses.

The Average Cockatiel Life Cycle
The Average Cockatiel Life Cycle

Young Birds

Young cockatiels are very inquisitive and adorable. They develop their feathers and wean themselves off of their mother’s food throughout the first three months of their existence. Fledging is the term used to describe the process of feather development. A newborn cockatiel’s ability to fly is fully developed at this stage.

Most juvenile cockatiels show greater independence by learning to fly once their feathers have grown in and they have mastered finding food on their own. Young cockatiels are still learning this crucial procedure up until the six-month mark.

Adult Cockatiels

Once completely grown and sexually mature, a cockatiel is regarded as an adult. Although this might vary from bird to bird, most cockatiels reach this stage between the ages of 8 and 12 months. By this time, your pet cockatiel will be fully independent, exhibit all of its feathers, and be able to fly with strong wings.

Adult cockatiels still like company even if they have just learned independence. It’s critical to routinely socialize your cockatiel during their whole lifespan. This can involve interacting with both people and other birds. For cockatiels, any interaction is typically beneficial!

The key to increasing the life of your adult cockatiel is to provide them with a diverse and organized food as well as lots of toys that are acceptable to cockatiels. As your cockatiel ages, you need look for a qualified veterinarian to take care of it.

How to Tell Your Cockatiel’s Age

There are certain physical indicators that may help you determine your cockatiel’s exact age if you’re unsure. Of course, a skilled avian veterinarian might be able to guess your bird’s age, but if your cockatiel is still a youngster, the following methods can assist you in doing so:

How to Tell Your Cockatiel’s Age
How to Tell Your Cockatiel’s Age
  • Male cockatiels often sing more than female cockatiels, however immature birds won’t sing or won’t sing very effectively.
  • Males don’t begin engaging in courting behavior until they are about 6 months old. The first year or so after birth is when females start to get broody.
  • A juvenile male really looks more like a girl before his first molt. The male’s face will not be yellow, but gray. Usually, once they are 6 months old, they go through their first molt.


The cockatiel’s face and feet also exhibit extremely subtle indicators that can help you determine its age, but you’ll need to be an expert to recognize them. It’s amazing how much a cockatiel’s lifespan may alter from living in the wild vs a house! If you take extremely excellent care of your cockatiel, it will stay with you for a very long period. These lovely birds are great friends.


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